Re-envisioning the Art of the Ancient Middle East

The Cincinnati Art Museum's galleries of the ancient Middle East have recently re-opened after a multi-year research and reinstallation project. Changes to the space include new visitor pathways, windows that introduce natural light, and a significant re-interpretation of this world-renowned collection. The gallery is arranged thematically and incorporates contemporary reflections on ancient pasts, encouraging visitors to rethink the way a twenty-first century museum interprets ancient Middle Eastern art. The objects and architectural material on view represent centuries of trade and cultural exchange that are formative in our understanding of how the region developed; where political, religious, economic, and cultural connections link a vast network of empires and city states.

Join Ainsley M. Cameron, Curator of South Asian Art, Islamic Art and Antiquities, for an illustrated talk that explores the behind-the-scenes curatorial process of this gallery transformation, as well as a 'sneak peek' of the upcoming Arts of the Islamic World and South Asian Art galleries.

You may view a recording of her presentation here.

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