This is the Past Events section of the site. Over time, we'll add photos and videos of past CAAS events.

Past Events

Collecting Calligraphy: Islamic World - 14 October, 2018
September 2020 Asian Cross Cultural Resources
October 2020 Asian Painting Resources
November 2020 Asian Ceramics Resources
December 2020 Asian Fashion Resources
January 2021 Maritime Trade in Asia Presentation
February 2021 South Indian Yoginis Presentation
March 2021 Re-Envisioning Buddhism Presentation
April 2021 Views and Costumes of Japan Presentation
May 2021 Islamic Ceramics Presentation
September 2021 Saito Kiyoshi's Snow Country Presentation
October 2021 Parsi Gara Presentation
November 2021 Korean Folding Screen Presentation
January 2022 Ancient Middle East Presentation
February 2022 Magic Mirror Rediscovered Presentation
March 2022 Chinese Dragon Robe Presentation
April 2022 Dance and the Arts of India Presentation and Demonstration
September 2022 Japanese Prints
October 2022 Galloping Through Dynasties
February 2023 Korean Paintings
March 2023 Ikebana: The Art of Japanese Flower Arranging
April 2023 Srikandi: Indonesia's Woman Warrior
September 2023 The Damascus Room
October 2023 Japanese Suminagashi
November 2023 Kailasanatha Temple Sri Lanka
January 2024 Chinese Ceramics and Porcelains
February 2024 Kimono Celebrating Japanese People's Lives
March 2024 Balinese Shadow Puppet Performance
April 2024 Conservation of East Asian Artworks
May 2024 Annual Asian Art Lecture Woo Chong Yung

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